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The ugly truth about asylum

Let me start off by saying that I have never filed an asylum application in my entire legal career. I have always had an issue with taking money from a potential client knowing that their story was identical to the thousands before, and likely over exaggerated. This is not to say there are not tens of thousands of Indian nationals who suffered atrocities inflicted by the government and police in the same manner many refugee-seekers claim, however, this article isn’t for them. I suppose my reluctance in taking an asylum case stemmed from the fact that I knew there were attorneys...

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What is an Immigration Bond?

An immigration bond is an amount set by Immigration agents or an Immigration Judge that a person must pay before being released from immigration detention. The bond helps guarantee that the person released from detention will show up for all of his or her immigration court hearings, report to Immigration if asked to do so, and leave the United States if the Immigration Judge orders deportation at the end of the case. If the person bonded out fails to do these things, the bond money is forfeited and the government keeps it. An immigration bail bond, technically a “surety bond”, the...

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How Much Insurance Coverage do you Really Need?

One of the worst conversations I have in my personal injury practice is when my client is liable for an accident but does not have enough insurance coverage to pay for the damages. The two stories go like this: Scenario 1. “I was involved in a major car accident and I truly was at fault. I only had the California minimum limit of $15,000 and now the other side is asking for more money. My insurance company is not helping me much and told me that the other side is making a demand for more. What should I...

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