Over the last eight years we have represented many clients that want to “get rid of their timeshare.” Even our most affluent clients that are sophisticated investors fall into these timeshare traps and do not know what to do after they sign a timeshare contract.

The timeshare contracts are written by lawyers that obviously only favor the timeshare company and are usually iron clad. Most timeshare buyers do not bother to read the 10 to 20-page contract since they are purposefully forced to quickly sign the document in order to ensure the buyer doesn’t make an informed decision. Most timeshare insiders will tell you that 100% of their sales happen right after the presentation since most people are not given the opportunity to “think about it”.

If you have purchased a timeshare and come to the realization that it has been one of the worst financial decisions you have made, call our law firm at (916) 359-5000 to review your timeshare contract. There may be options for you and you need to consider whether you can mitigate your financial losses and consider terminating your timeshare contract.

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