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Top Ten Myths Stated In Timeshare Presentations:

In the last eight years, we have assisted a wide variety of clientele get out of their timeshare contracts. Although our clients’ timeshare presentation stories differ, the myths and over-reaching assurances are always the same. Here are the top ten statements made at timeshare presentations (and my responses) we hear at our law firm during our initial consultations: 10.   “The maintence fees generally stay the same and rarely go up.” -In my legal practice I have never seen maintence fees go down. They without fail always go up even if you’ve owned the timeshare for several years. 9.   “Booking your room...

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Timeshare Companies Collection Threats

Lots of times I get calls from potential clients after they receive an intimidating collection letter from their timeshare company. Usually our clients stop making payments after they get fed up with the increasing maintence fee and extreme difficulty in booking a date. (You would think after paying thousands of dollars for the timeshare, booking a date would be a bit easier.) Unfortunately, when the payments stop, the collection letters start pouring in. Legally speaking, most of the collection letters are correct in that you may be on the hook for damages for breaching your timeshare contract. (Remember, the 30 page...

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