What is an Immigration Bond?

An immigration bond is an amount set by Immigration agents or an Immigration Judge that a person must pay before being released from immigration detention. The bond helps guarantee that the person released from detention will show up for all of his or her immigration court hearings, report to Immigration if asked to do so, and leave the United States if the Immigration Judge orders deportation at the end of the case. If the person bonded out fails to do these things, the bond money is forfeited and the government keeps it.

An immigration bail bond, technically a “surety bond”, the person that pays the bond guarantees to Homeland Security that the alien–when released on bond–will be present for each and every immigration court date.

That said, an immigration bond is a federal bond, versus that of the state, for which you may be responsible for posting when you have been detained and arrested by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This is a lot different than being arrested by your city or other local authorities. In the case of immigration bonds, it is the federal government with which you are dealing. As such, Immigration bonds are a form of federal bond and are typically set for detainees held by the US Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pending a hearing or court appearance.

California Immigration Attorneys

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