The N-336 And The Dreaded Marriage Fraud Allegation

This blog is written for those who obtained their permanent green card after the conditional period and then filed for divorce. Every month our immigration law firm in Sacramento, CA gets the following fact pattern from our potential clients:

I was going in for my Naturalization interview and after passing my test the interviewing officer started asking me about my prior marriage. I did not know why they started asking detailed questions about my ex-spouse and the day I separated from them.

The officer asked detailed questions about my divorce and whether we had any children or assets together. After the interview, I was told that the USCIS would investigate my case further and eventually I got a denial letter alleging that I committed marriage fraud.

Unfortunately this is a fact pattern we see too often. Since marriage fraud is a prevalent issue with the USCIS, this is a typical scenario that causes even long-time green card holders to Appear in Removal Proceedings. If this fact pattern happened to you or you were involved in a similar situation, call our immigration attorney to discuss your case.

It is vital that if you got a denial letter that you resolve the fraud allegation (with an N-336 filing) with as much evidence of a bona fide marriage with the assistance of an immigration attorney. A simple Naturalization application could have far-reaching consequences one could never have predicted.

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